Volume 8, No. 4

Winter 2017


Updates For and About the News Advertising Industry!

A Great Meeting Planned - February 2017 in San Diego!

If you still want to connect with other advertising and marketing executives and industry experts from around the country in San Diego to discuss shared challenges, successes, and the future of our business, there’s still time, but you do need to hurry!


From Print to Parcels, We Are The Last Mile


NTMC Conference Deadline

The Coalition has developed an absolutely incredible program for the 2017 NTMC Conference in San Diego, February 8-10!! But, if you haven’t already registered – you need to ACT NOW!


Why You Should Engage Currow Weeks & Associates


Powerful Sessions Planned!

A primary goal for the Program committee this year was developing conference sessions that focus more on digital advertising opportunities while also staying laser-beamed on our print advertising foundation. Our conference line-up clearly realizes this vision - and much more!


Every Mile Counts - With CIPS Marketing Group


NTMC Board Elections and Rebranding Discussion

We will have nominations and elections this year for new Treasurer, Secretary and At-Large NTMC Board members.


Watch the Tide of Revenue Roll In with NewsNotes Repositionable Advertising Notes


Newspapers Deliver Across the Ages

Ever hear the phrase “print is dead”? Well if you check with almost 170 million Americans, they’d tell you that nothing could be farther from the truth.


Inspire Your Customers - With Nielsen


The Newspaper Industry is Having a Brand Crisis

Newspaper media companies continue to have a brand crisis on their hands and seem to either be oblivious to the problem or lack the will to do something about it.


Preferred Marketing Solutions - Single Sheet Inserts


Editor's note

"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings." - Salvador Dali

Adapt or die! That’s the message...

And that’s what everyone is trying to do – faster than the other guys! It’s creating a lot of stress on all our social structures, communities, companies and associations!

But the NTMC was organized to help member newspapers grow and adapt. By sharing successful programs and practices everyone in the group stands to benefit!

"The Newspaper Industry is Having a Brand Crisis"article above suggests that dinosaurs weren’t entirely wiped out – that the birds we have today evolved from those doomed reptiles. It must not have happened without considerable skill!

Newspapers are faced with their own existential crisis today. Our ambition is to harness our shared intelligence to develop the successful advertising programs our customers need to soar!

With success, we’ll all be lifted. More like “adapt and fly”!

Philip Brown, Director, NTMC


Jane Comfort, has left the News-Journal in Daytona Beach, Florida, as their Retail Advertising Manager.

Mark Hawley, President of Tactician Media and frequent NTMC Conference participant, retired in November.

Mary Philbin Kelly, formerly Director of National and Retail Advertising at the Boston Globe, has moved on to become Publisher, DNE Magazine and Sunday Globe Magazine Advertising Director.

Steve Westphal has been promoted to Vice President of Sales at Advance National.


Corporate memberships for NAC News Media Publishers help them include more media companies in the Coalition while also lowering renewal costs for their individual NAC news media members.

board of directors

newsMedia MEMBERs

Currently, NAC is comprised of 42 media company members, including many of the largest daily newspapers in the country.


affiliate members

This quarter ACI renewed their Affiliate Membership and Currow Weeks & Associates became our newest member. All our Affiliate Members enjoy many benefits including newsletter ads, discounts on conference sponsorships, and access to the complete NTMC member list. Please tell your business partners about the NTMC Affiliate Membership program.



The Publishers of NTMC News Media members are listed below. Corporate memberships for these publishers make it less expensive for larger publishing groups to include more newspapers in the Coalition while also lowering renewal costs for their newspapers that are members.

corporate membership