Volume 10, No. 1

Summer 2018


For and About the News Advertising Industry!

Editor's note

"We've only just begun." - from The Capital Gazette  7/1/18

Brave words for us all to live by!

There is too much horror the survivors in Annapolis will never, can never forget, and much beauty they want desperately to remember. Their lives have changed forever..., but they won't give up.

They will continue to do their jobs for themselves and their community knowing they cannot change the past, but that they can affect the future - for the better. And that's what they have set out to do.

We are people who work for newspapers. No one who works for a newspaper or any other business deserves to have their life taken for doing their jobs. 

We all work for The Capital Gazette - and we are not giving up!

Philip Brown | NAC Director


Chase Rankin, formerly with the Arizona Republic, is now Senior Advertising VP at the Las Vegas Review-Journal

Joe Gandolfo has retired from the Sun-Sentinel (South Florida) as their Targeted  Solutions Manager

Kelly Till, VP of Advertising for The Virginian-Pilot, is now also responsible for the Daily Press Media Group

Krista Louden has left The Philadelphia Inquirer as their National Sales  Director

Laura Tarabini, former NTMC Board Treasurer and Secretary, has recently retired from Nucleus  Marketing Solutions

Mark Sherwood  has left The Antelope  Valley Press  as their Advertising  Director

Steve Bentz left The San Francisco Chronicle to become COO at The San Antonio Express-News 


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