Volume 10, No. 2

Fall 2018


For and About the News Advertising Industry!

Editor's note

"Change is Good!" 

Well, that's what "they" say! Personally, I've been avoiding using cash lately to reduce the amount of change I get! All those nickles, dimes and quarters..., and pennies!! Who needs it?

All of us, of course, are experiencing an unprecedented level of change in our industry and society that we couldn't begin to imagine just twenty years ago. But change and the challenges that result go on and on... 

The important thing is how you manage the opportunities that are created - and available to those who have the ambition and vision to seek them out . A good example is John Newby - your newly appointed Executive Director!

John has the credentials to lead our group - check out the details in this NAC "News" post. But, of course, he will need the whole-hearted support from Coalition members for him to be successful and help the group navigate all the change going on around us!

John begins working officially 1/1/19, but he and I have already started a series of calls and transition work. I hope you'll meet John at NAC 2019 in Atlanta and help him get acquainted and up to speed before I get busy with all the change that's been accumulating on my bureau!

Philip Brown
NAC Executive Director


Amber Aldrich is now Senior Advertising Director at The Seattle Times

Alison Laffe has left the Chicago Sun-Times as their Sr. Vice President of Advertising and Marketing

Craig Kaplan has left USA Today as their Vice President, Advertising

John Murray, News Media Alliance VP of Audience Development, passed away in July

John Newby has been announced as new NAC Executive Director effective 1/1/19

Matt Broad left The Philadelphia Inquirer this summer as their Director of Marketing Solutions and Business Development

Melody Favazza left The St. Louis Post-Dispatch as their Advertising Sales Manager in late June

Ray McCutcheon, departed the The San Antonio Express-News in July as their EVP Sales & Marketing.

Rod McLain, former 4-year Coalition President and Advertising Director at The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is retiring

Steve Lauber is now Premium Team Director, at The South Florida Sun Sentinel following work with Hearst in Houston and Berkshire Hathaway in Omaha


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