What They Are Saying About San Diego...

News Advertising and Marketing Executives and Business Partners from across the country had plenty to say about the February 2017 NTMC Conference in San Diego, California!

What attendees volunteered about the "Value" of the 2017 Conference in Austin:

o   Best conference there is.  Great ideas to bring back to my company more than makes up the expense to attend.

o   The ideas shared at these conferences have a revenue generating effect on my organization in the following week, months, and for the rest of the year!

o   Insight into how print is being evaluated is important.  Sharing ideas with group when we are not in session is important as well.

o   I cannot express how important these conferences are for me and others in this business who attend.  Getting together to compare notes with my peers and learn new ways to improve and grow our business is absolutely invaluable.  Keep up the good work producing these annual meetings!

o   This seemed to be one of the most focused events I've been to. I met a lot of great people who all had different experiences that I could take back to my organization.  Great Value!

o   Tremendous value - packed with entertaining and informative speakers

o   Perhaps the most worthwhile conference of the year. 

o   Would love to see more idea sharing, possibly among similar job types. More presentations from markets on what's working well for them.

o   The conference gathered people that were both fun and smart. Good networking opportunity as well as educational and thought provoking.

o   This is the most enjoyable and productive conference we attend every year.

o   Thank you. Looking forward to NAC Conference 2018!

o   Excellent value.

Key suggestions for making the 2018 Conference even better:

o   Hold in area with restaurants within walking distance if possible.

o   Have audio loud enough to overcome A/C noise in conference room.

o   Make sure everyone has power in the conference room, not just newspaper reps.

o   Order some soft drinks for conference room and have them available for lunch as well.

o   Order coffee service with breakfasts and have it moved to conference room.

o   More actual advertiser speakers, not agencies - expand help from entire member group in securing advertising speakers

o   Enlist more help from member newspapers in developing sessions – case studies where various markets present responses to a similar challenge. 

o   More break-out sessions and ways to interact with attendees; involve sponsors in these sessions.

o   Focus again on more digital and more interaction!

o   Rethink any sessions on postal updates or delivery programs.

o   Do Board Service awards when more people are present – right after lunch?

o   Improve the elections to make them less “awkward”.

o   Clear conference room Thursday evening and end the conference with breakfast on Friday morning.

o   Streamline the group photo session.

o   Continue to make Wednesday night dinner “on your own”.

o   Find fun inexpensive venue for Thursday night dinner.

o   Eliminate the Friday outing – on your own, baby! 

o   Publish evaluation links prior to the 2018 conference, not after.

Planning for the 2018 Conference is well underway:

The NAC Program committee has reviewed the 2017 conference evaluations. Based on that feedback and a variety of other factors, the committee has negotiated an excellent contract at an exceptional venue in San Antonio for the 2018 NAC Conference - to provide our participants an amazing conference experience.  For more detail, see the "It's San Antonio" article in this newsletter.


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