The New NAC Board!

Three NTMC Board of Directors seats were open for election in San Diego: Treasurer, Paul Pelland, Boston Globe Direct; Secretary, Harry Jackson, Baltimore Sun; and At-Large, Katherine Kohls, Minneapolis Star Tribune. Nominations for the open seats were accepted from member newspaper reps before the conference and from the floor.  The elections were held on Thursday afternoon 2/9/16. 
There was only one candidate for Treasurer – Paul Pelland, Boston Globe Direct.
And only one candidate for Secretary – Katherine Kohls, Minneapolis Star Tribune.  
Three candidates vied for the open At-Large seat:
  • Chance Schlesman, Orlando Sentinel
  • Debi Walery, The Oregonian
  • Heather Foor, Toledo Blade
Following a brief statement in random order from each candidate for each seat, one ballot was submitted by each participating member newspaper and the votes were tallied by volunteers from the floor - led by Michelle Ionescu, Miami Herald. Michelle announced the winners at dinner Thursday night:
  • Treasurer: Paul Pelland, Boston Globe Direct
  • Secretary: Katherine Kohls, Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • At-Large: Heather Foor, Toledo Blade
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Board elections process! A complete Board listing appears at the bottom of this newsletter.


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