Powerful Sessions Planned!

David Chavern, NMA President & CEO, presents at the 2016 NTMC Conference in Austin

A primary goal for the Program committee this year was developing conference sessions that focus more on digital advertising opportunities while also staying laser-beamed on our print advertising foundation. Our conference line-up clearly realizes this vision - and much more!

From Cheryl Sone’s "Transformation of the Retail Marketing Mix” presentation Wednesday morning to Mike Centorani’s “Selling in the Real World” on Friday, the common thread throughout is optimizing advertising sales by properly balancing print and digital channels that get results for our advertisers. In between we’ve got important takeaways from a Marshall Marketing consumer study commissioned by Quad/Graphics and a Sunday preprint study by the NMA and Michigan State University. There’s the emphasis on digital advertising from Nucleus Marketing, Comcast’s roadmap to the future, and some useful insight into the latest USPS rate change. We will also learn more about digital audience targeting from Simpli.fi and how to grow business with performance based pricing. Not enough? We will also see how marketing-mix modeling can be used to drive ad sales, and how understanding IP targeting can enhance your digital sales efforts. Whew!

And we have time scheduled to discuss what we hear with our experts – including each other. Look for the complete updated conference schedule, with events and speakers, posted on the NTMC Conference page.

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