Membership Appeal - NAC needs you now!

Paul Pelland, President, Globe Direct

As NAC Board Treasurer, and chair of both the Finance and Membership committees, I have a unique perspective on our association business.

To be blunt, for the Coalition to sustain what's been established and continue to offer our networking, listserv, online and conference programs, we need to expand our base of support, our base of members. If we don't, we need to fold the tent - and we will regret what could have been...

To this end, the Membership committee committed to a two-part promotional initiative that I hope you received. We produced letters with tri-fold flyers and mailed them to members and nonmembers across the country, to stimulate association awareness and drive conference participation and membership.

The outside of our first membership tri-fold mailed in August

The best way to convince nonmembers of the value of NAC membership is to get them to attend the annual NAC conference. So, that was the focus of our second mailing below.

Outside of membership tri-fold mailed in late October

Will it help? Don't know. But time will tell - and it was important for us to try!

But wait, there's more! Here's what we did to support the conference effort! We won Board of Directors approval for all these Membership proposals this year to foster more conference participation from nonmember AND member newsmedia reps:

  • Set up online registration and payment for newsmedia registrants on the NAC site.  
  • Implement a Vendor Mentor program to increase nonmember conference participation, by giving each sponsor the option of including a nonmember newsmedia company rep with their team - without an additional registration charge.
  • Offer a $100 discount for each registration from the same newsmedia company with more than one rep attending.
  • Offer the regular newsmedia member conference rate to all nonmembers – a $100 savings! ($575 vs. $675).
  • Offer a $100 discount for each registration from the same newsmedia company with more than one rep attending.
  • Plan great Finale Dinner Wednesday night within walking distance of the Westin that will make more people want to attend and stay over.  
  • All registered attendees may bring one guest Wednesday evening at no additional cost!  A $100+ value!
  • Invite all "active" committee members to participate in the Monday night 2/11/19 Board dinner at the 2019 NAC Conference

As mentioned in the last newsletter, now would be an even better time to reach out to your contacts at nonmember AND member publications and ask them to join you in Atlanta. Our conferences are only as good as the people who attend them and if you want us to continue to produce these meetings we all have to do some of the heavy lifting.

It's simple really! Please let them know we want them to attend AND join! They'll be glad you asked!

Thanks very much for reading this and helping NAC and our industry! Looking forward to seeing you and some new friends in Atlanta!

Paul Pelland 
President, Globe Direct 

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