Finance Update!

Paul Pelland, NAC Board Treasurer and Finance Chair

I would like to thank all members who have already submitted 2018 NAC Membership payments for their newsmedia companies.  

Most members have taken advantage of the simplified pricing structure this year, but a few have not.  Printed invoices were mailed in June to the key contacts at the newsmedia companies that have not renewed. If you haven’t renewed yet, I urge you to do so now!  

Our renewal rates are set at the minimum we need to maintain the association - and every membership is crucial in sustaining the Coalition and our mission.
Paul Pelland (L) thanks Paul Boyle, NMA, in San Antonio

Of course, our greatest initiative and financial exposure each year is our annual conference. We succeeded in producing another outstanding conference earlier this year in San Antonio.  The feedback we received from the reps who attended was very positive.  

Unfortunately, the 2018 NAC Conference did not break-even financially due to the lower than projected participation compounded by us not achieving our minimum for room night commitment at the conference hotel. 

For the 2019 NAC Conference in Atlanta we have reduced our block guarantee (and financial exposure), but we still urge everyone who attends to help insure the financial success of the meeting by staying in the conference hotel.  It’s more convenient and helps pay for all the amenities everyone expects and enjoys when they participate.

As we all experience in our everyday work lives, revenue and “chasing the number” as I have come to refer to it is at the core of what we all do.  As you read through the committee reports in this newsletter, you’ll notice a common thread... revenue!
  • Membership is working to gain new members to help broaden the base of support for the association. 
  • Communications increases interest in NAC with the popularity of the NAC Online programs they produce
  • The new Vendor committee is strengthening relationships with all our business partners by working with them to produce added value for their NAC participation and support
  • Program is developing a great lineup for our 2019 NAC Conference in Atlanta that will justify the participation we need for a great conference - that operates in the black!    

Each committee and the entire NAC Board is working for all NAC members, to insure the continued vitality and growth of our Coalition.  We’re already 20 years young, and with your continued support and a little luck we’ll double that before we even realize it. 

Thanks for the important part you play in helping us remain viable while also realizing the great potential of our outstanding association!


Paul Pelland
Globe Direct
508-871-1944 (o) ; 508-954-9184 (m)

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