20th Anniversary Conference - San Antonio, Presenting Data-Dynamix!

Philip Brown, NAC Director

If you participated at the 2018 NAC Conference in San Antonio, you know what a great meeting it was. 

But, if you missed it, make plans now to attend the 2019 NAC Conference in Atlanta this coming February - you'll be glad you did! 

More information on dates and venues will be released and posted as soon as our 2019 hotel contract is finalized.

In the meantime, here are some San Antonio artifacts you'll want to check out - whether you attended or not:

> Agenda


> Minutes

And a sampling of various pics from the conference:

Riverwalk was a hit!
Board dinner Tuesday night
All set!
Rod McLain gets things started...
Rod presents speaker portfolio to Ray McCutcheon
Jason Hicks on a roll!
Hmmm... Who's Currow and who is Weeks?
Jaime and Doug
Christian, Denis and Chris - Quad/Graphics dream team!
Paul! Pelland and Boyle...
Charlie's grocery research session was outstanding!
Allison thanks Dave Barber, AMG/Parade
Johnny, Richard, Susan and Melody at Boudro's Wednesday night
Rise and shine!
We prefer Chad and Greg..., err Jim!
Plaid Thursday - great idea!
Thursday night reception was cool
Big dinner at the Little Rhein!
Allison, Rod, Katherine, Heather and Paul - and many others - will remember the Alamo!

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