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Star Tribune

Contact Information
Paul Kasbohm
Senior VP of Advertising
Katherine Kohls
Director of Advertising Strategy

Star Tribune Media Company LLC

The Star Tribune Media Company is Minnesota's leading news organization and reaches the largest audience of any media outlet in Minnesota.

Star Tribune combined products, both print and digital, reach over 60% of adults in the metropolitan area. A wide array of advertising products, from broad audience to behavioral targeting, is available in print and digital.


If you want to reach a Minnesota audience, you need the Star Tribune newspaper. With a weekly circulation of almost 300,000 and over 500,000 on Sundays, it’s the area’s go-to resource for news, information and advertising.

Digital, which has been newly redesigned, connects you to Minnesota’s most in-demand audience more effectively than any other option. Garnering over one million page views monthly and 41% of all local web visits, it clearly is the #1 local media content website in Minnesota.

Non-subscriber and Total Market Coverage Products

Twin Cities Values – For total market coverage, add this high-impact product to your Star Tribune media plan. It's delivered every Saturday to the mailboxes of non-Sunday subscribers.

StribExpress – Connect with 85,000 non-subscribers in desirable zip codes through this 100% opt-in lifestyle content and advertising broadsheet delivered to homes every Sunday.

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