The News Advertising Coalition is an industry organization for and about
newspapers.  Our purpose is to facilitate advertising revenue growth by
sharing print, digital and live event ideas with each other. We are successful
when our collaboration results in diversified revenue growth from both local
and national advertisers.

WHat we DO

The News Advertising Coalition, Inc. is a national trade association of major-market news media companies that offer a full-range of sophisticated print and digital advertising programs. These programs empower our advertisers to develop sophisticated marketing campaigns that effectively communicate with their best customers and prospects via preprinted inserts, print and deliver flyers, coupon products, adbags, samples, etc., in conjunction with a variety of online, email marketing, and other digital advertising capabilities.

TARGETED Print & digital advertising

Most NAC member media companies offer targeted print distribution down to the postal carrier route. And many also offer solo mailing programs that can be targeted to specific households using demographic and lifestyle data. Members also offer turn-key print & deliver, solo mail, data-processing, and analytic services. Our members rank among the largest and most sophisticated advertising companies in their respective markets.